Are Free Night Electric Plans A Good Deal?

Night Electric

Consumers are always looking for bargains. When the magic word “free” is used to describe a product such as electricity, it’s important to learn more. Perhaps you have seen an electricity provider advertise ‘free nights and weekends’ electric plan . You may have wondered if this is a scam. Hence, we set out to analyze the topic of a free electricity plan – and whether it’s really worth it.

 1. Facts About Free Night Electric Plans  

Free electricity plans may sound like an old case of “sounds too good to be true”, but let’s first confirm that the “free power” slogan is not a scam. The contract clearly states that the electricity is available for free during certain hours. There are many examples. A few New York energy companies offer electricity for free from 8, 9 PM to 6, 7 AM. This is what you would call a true free night plan!

Why would retail electricity companies offer these plans to reduce the amount they charge their customers? Free electricity plans are sometimes called or ‘Time of Use” tariff. Their original purpose was to encourage customers’ energy consumption to shift from peak to non-peak hours.

What are the peak hours of electricity? These are the hours people use electricity most. You can think of the late afternoon between 4 and 7 pm – when everyone gets home from work or school, and then uses electricity to cook a meal watch TV, listen to music, or turn on an AC. Sudden surges in energy demand can put stress on the electric grid, which can lead to blackouts or outages. Electricity companies have made it easier for customers to shift to “off peak” times by offering NYSEG at a lower price or even free.

 2. Are Free Night Electric Plans Worth It  

These electricity plans, which are free on weekends and nights, can be a very interesting product. They can also save you a lot of cash if they are used properly. You should be careful when signing up to receive free electricity. Be sure to verify the hours of electricity being free, and consider how much of your monthly consumption you can shift to those times. You should also consider the price per kWh for electricity during non-free periods. It is often higher than the average fixed electrical rate. You can do simple calculations to see if it really will save you money.

Take into account recent lifestyle changes, and see if your energy use has increased during the day. To determine whether or not free night electricity plans are worth it you can track energy consumption and see if you need to change your lifestyle to save.

 3. How To Make The Most Of Your Free Night Plans And Other Energy Saving Tips 

You might be wondering what you can do with the free electricity hours. You don’t have to be a night owl or a 9-5 employee to make the most out of your power hours. There are simple ways you can still get more value for your money. Here are some smart ways to use your free energy at night.

Late Night Laundry

If you are single, it can be difficult enough to do laundry. But if you have children, you will know how fast it accumulates! Waiting until the evening is a better way to save money on washing and drying clothes. Before you go to sleep, load your biggest loads into the dryer. You will have your laundry done – free of charge!

Lite Up The Night

You can increase your home security by adding more electricity if you don’t have to pay for it. You can add security lights to your home as a deterrent and a video monitor to keep an eye on your surroundings. You can rest assured that your home is the safest and most beautiful on the block.

Charge Your Car

Have an electric vehicle? You can plug it in during your free hours . A study by plug in America found that an electric vehicle can cost around $540 per year to charge. And that’s just the average. It could be much more if you drive more than 15,000 miles per year. Imagine all the groceries that you could buy, maybe even a weekend trip – if only you had the money.

Stay Warm- All Night Long

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up. But, the thought of hot air vaporizing your pockets is enough to make you numb. According to the Energy Services Group, heating a 2,200-square-foot space for one year will cost between $1100 and $2700. You can keep your money in the bank by turning down the heat during the day, and raising the thermostat at night when you have free Illinois electricity.

Heat Your Pool- Free of Charge
You know from personal experience that heating your pool is the most expensive in your home. According to a study by Neave Group, the average cost of heating a pool between May and September was $1,500 to $3,000. Plan your pool heating hours to coincide with the free electricity hours to save thousands. You can now relax and float in your savings pool.

 Bottom Line 

It is possible to save energy by running appliances that consume more power, such as dryers, dishwashers, or washing machines, during off-peak times. These tips apply to everyone regardless of energy plan. Moreover, heat-generating appliances can be used in the evenings and early mornings to reduce strain on the air conditioner system, making it more efficient.



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